Performance Training, Athlete Monitoring, Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention for Golfers

Why You Should Join My Inner Circle

If you want to become a better golfer, I'm here to help.

With over two decades of experience working with professional golfers and athletes across the major professional sports leagues, I've helped thousands of athletes reach their full potential.

Joining my Inner Circle means that I will be your Rehab Specialist and Performance Coach.  

But at a fraction of what it costs to work with me 1-on-1!

Here's what one of my Inner Circle members had to say....

"In the last year I've added approximately 45 yards with my driver and about 25 yards per club with my irons. Big, big changes!!" - Dennis B.

What You'll Get In My Inner Circle

  • Corrective training with follow-along videos to correct muscle imbalances, joint dysfunctions, neuromuscular deficits, and movement impairments.
  • 8 performance training phases with follow-along videos to optimize mobility, enhance stability and strength, and maximize power and speed specifically for golf.
  • 8 periodized programs of various levels with follow-along videos that will reduce injury risk and maximize performance.
  • Blood flow restriction training with follow-along video to increase anabolic hormone production and fast-twitch muscle fibre recruitment. Great for rehab and performance training.
  • neuromuscular control phases for the core, hips and shoulders with follow-along videos to enhance dynamic stability, improve motor control, maximize performance and reduce injury risk. 
  • Pre-round warm-up and post-round cool down with follow-along videos to improve performance and recovery. 
  • Growing database of rehab protocols with follow-along videos to make injury recovery simple and straightforward. 
  • Guidance on how to build your own programs using the training phases and stability programs I've provided.
  • Full access to me

How to Use My Inner Circle

My goal is to help you:

  • Restore, optimize, and enhance performance with my follow-along, step-by-step golf performance programs.  I want you to become a better athlete, so you can have more fun playing the game you love!
  • Get answers to questions about sports medicine and performance training. Message me anytime by clicking the chat icon in the upper right and click "+" to start a new chat, then search for my name.
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about the treatment of sports injuries and enhancement of golf performance. 
  • Find inspiration and get encouragement from each other.  And of course, have fun along the way!

I'm always adding new content and programs to help keep you motivated and your training up-to-date.

My Inner Circle is perfect for you, whether you're a touring professional or amateur trying to take your game to the next level or recover from injuries.

Here's a few more testimonials...

"I can now make a full and complete turn on the backswing which has had a dramatic effect on my distance. My clubhead speed was measured at 109 mph. Not bad considering I'll be 62 in a few weeks." - Paul Murray

"I can't recommend Thomas and his Trainfuly program enough! After a microdisectomy and hip repair, I could barely get through a round. Now I'm able to play several times a week without pain and I'm playing the best golf of my life!" - David Horlander

"This program has allowed me to not only gain the speed and distance I needed, but also got rid of 95% of the aches and pains. The program is simple enough that I can easily do it from home or when I'm traveling for golf and business." - Fredrick Taggart, Lancaster Golf Academy

I look forward to helping your achieve all your goals

Let's get started!

Thomas Malchow MSKin, RK, ACSM-EP, CSCS